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Our Longhorns 

We hope you will enjoy looking through the photos we have posted of our cattle. Please contact us with any questions you may have about the cattle.

Located in Central Texas, our Longhorn bulls impart strong color and gentle disosition.
Herd Sires

Iron Winner, C2R Iron Prince, and BZB Ying Yang are our herd sires. Our herd sires are selected for a strong tendancy toward brindle calves, thick musculature, and excellent conformation.

Located in Central Texas outside of Austin, our Longhorn Heifers produce muscular calves that show well.

Cows & Breeding Heifers

Our ladies are nurturing mommas and good milkers, raising up calves that grow well, are engaging and friendly, and help babysit younger calves within the herd. They typically have a very gentle disposition.

We are usually able to allow a natural weaning process.

Located in Central Texas, outside of Austin, we strive for each calf to be comfortable to human touch. These calves are excellent prospects for show or as an addition to your herd.

We delight in our calves! Most of them are extremely friendly and curious. They see the older ones being brushed, and often find out that it feels pretty good to be brushed or to be scratched along the poll. Some of our calves are halter-trained for showing, but we expect that any of them would accept the halter quite easily.

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