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Texas Longhorns.

We love 'em! From the excitement of greeting new calves to watching heifers grow up into good mommas.

Get to know our "family" through these pages & thanks for joining us on this journey!


We are a small family-operated ranch in Llano County, Texas specializing in breeding Registered Texas Longhorn show calves and promoting natural, grassfed Longhorn beef.

Our small size means we can't keep as many head as we would like, so we often have excellent Longhorns for sale--adults and calves.


We can tell you about the personality of each of our longhorns. They are dear to us, so just like family, we take a lot of pictures of them.

​Enjoy looking through the photos and reading the stories. The photo page also links to the geneologies.

Sale Page

Since we live in such a temperate climate, our calves are born throughout the year. Consequently, there are usually calves available for sale at all times.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about the cattle you see on our site.

Longhorn Beef

Longhorn beef is lean, tender, and rich in omega-3 fatty acids. The amount of beef available fluctuates throughout the year, but we're happy to put you on our wait list for select cuts, half steer, or whole steer.

Texas Bluebonnets

Recent Happenings

We have so many new calves--We'll post more pictures soon!

The first calves of 2013 - a heifer and a bull
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